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As of June 2016,  both the Maui and Vector pipelines came under the ownership of First Gas Limited (First Gas). First Gas intends to replace the two existing access codes with a single transmission access code (GTAC). The mechanisms to allow for termination of the existing transmission services agreements (TSAs) and interconnection agreements (ICAs) are different under the Vector Transmission Code (VTC) and the Maui Pipeline Operating Code (MPOC). Unless the VTC is extended, contracts incorporating the VTC will terminate on 30 September 2019. Contracts incorporating the MPOC will only terminate if a series of conditions precedent have been satisfied. Most of those conditions concern procedural matters, but a substantive condition is that, following appropriate consultation, the Gas Industry Co assesses the GTAC as materially better than the current terms of conditions for access to and use of the transmission pipelines (i.e. the VTC and MPOC arrangements). On 26 February 2019, Gas Industry Co issued a Final Assessment Paper (FAP) concluding that this condition has been met. The FAP is available here.

First Gas is now working with its stakeholders to put contracts in place and develop processes and systems that will allow the GTAC to come into effect on 1 October 2019.

The Current Arrangements section notes that until the GTAC comes into effect, the existing access arrangements are (substantially) defined by the existing access codes; the MPOC and VTC. A links to the relevant documents is provided.

The Developing section contains information regarding the development of the GTAC.

The Background section contains previous work relating to Transmission Access and Capacity including an earlier Gas Transmission Investment Programme (GTIP).

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