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Long term gas supply and demand scenarios 2019 Update

Gas Industry Co has released a draft of the Long Term Gas Supply and Demand Scenarios – 2019 Update (Scenarios 2019) for consultation. Submissions on the draft Scenarios 2019 are invited by 5.00pm, Thursday 22 August 2019 and can be made by clicking on the 'Upload Submission' found on the left-hand navigation.

This fourth edition was again commissioned by Gas Industry Co from independent expert Concept Consulting (Concept). Scenarios 2019 explores gas supply and demand scenarios to understand how New Zealand’s gas market may evolve over the period to 2050 to inform industry decisions.

The draft report is available below.


Confidential information in submissions/comments/feedback

Please note all submissions received will be published on Gas Industry Co’s website.

You should not upload any submission to our website that contains confidential or commercially sensitive information. 

If you wish to provide us with information that you consider to be confidential or commercially sensitive, please contact Gas Industry Co to discuss.




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