Staying safe around gas

What do I need to know about safety?

Gas is a safe, efficient and easy way to meet your energy needs, but it can also be potentially dangerous if it is not treated with respect. Not following this simple principle may endanger others as well as yourself. Here are a few safety tips for staying stay safe around gas:

Fixing gas problems around the house

Gas is potentially dangerous if it is not used carefully, a leak occurs or an appliance is faulty.

All appliances should be safety checked and properly maintained. Do not try to investigate the problem or fix a leak/faulty appliance yourself. 

Gas is odourised with a highly distinctive odourant which is injected into the gas as it leaves production facility or enters the pipeline. A gas leak will normally be detected through this odour, and sometimes a hissing noise may occur at the leak source.

Carbon monoxide can be generated when gas appliances are not installed correctly, are badly maintained or poorly ventilated.  Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous as you cannot see, smell or taste it.  But there telltale signs that an appliance (fires, heaters, central heating boilers, water heaters or cookers) may be not be working properly. These include:

To keep your house safe and check for the presence of carbon monoxide, you can use a carbon monoxide detector. These sense carbon monoxide in the air, and change colour or set off an alarm to warn you.  Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, diarrhoea, stomach and chest pain.

What to do in an emergency

If you smell gas or think that you may have a gas leak somewhere, contact your retailer or network provider immediately. Refer to your gas bill, the telephone directory or go to our list of retailers and network companies.

Your network provider may occasionally have to interrupt the supply of gas to your property. Reasons for this can include network capacity constraints, high system demands, testing and other emergency situations.

Other sources of safety information

To find an appliance repairer, or more information on gas safety, check your telephone directory or these links:

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