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Gas Transmission Access Code - Emerging Views on Detailed Design

Consultation on the paper GTAC - Emerging Views on Detailed Design of Access Products, Pricing, and Balancing and Allocation closed  Friday 23 June 2017. Eleven submissions were received, and these are available below.

Stakeholders attended a GTAC workshop on 17 May where First Gas presented First Gas also released material on three workstreams: access products, pricing, balancing and allocation. The material analyses detailed design choices that need to be made in drafting the new code, and provides emerging views on the best way to make those design choices. Draft code provisions for access products, pricing, and balancing and allocation have also been released so as to give stakeholders a sense of how the emerging views could be translated into code form. The paper is available below.

First Gas provided a 6-week period for any comments, during which they had one-on-one meetings with stakeholders to help ensure a good understanding of the emerging views and to get as much input as possible to the new code. Consistent with the work plan presented at the February workshop, First Gas intends to release a full draft of the new code in August 2017 and will schedule a further industry workshop around that time.

At the 17 May workshop, stakeholders requested that First Gas provide further information on the risks that have been identified with the procurement of IT associated with its new transmission access regime proposals. In response, First Gas developed an Information Paper - Initial Summary of GTAC IT Risks (see Related Documents below).

The 17 May workshop also included a presentation by Concept Consulting on its paper Gas transmission access code -governance options.  

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