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Gas Transmission Access Code - Governance Options

To help progress the Gas Transmission Access Code (GTAC) work, Gas Industry Co commissioned Concept Consulting (Concept) to develop a ‘think piece’ on GTAC governance issues. The resulting report – Gas transmission access code - governance options - is found in RELATED DOCUMENTS below. The report considered what arrangements are appropriate for: 

  • Initiating code change proposals;
  • Consulting on and refining code change proposals; and
  • Deciding whether to implement a code change. 

Stakeholder feedback on this report was invited by 12 May, and those submissions are available below under SUBMISSIONS RECEIVED.

Concept Consulting presented its report and discussed feedback received on the report at the GTAC workshop on 17 May 2017. Having clarified certain matters with submitters and fully considered the feedback, Concept Consulting has now submitted its final advice to Gas Industry Co. The final report which also includes the Analysis of Submissions can be found in RELATED DOCUMENTS below.

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