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Highlights of the September 2016 Report:
  • Trustpower has decided to discontinue its Energy Direct brand, and the bulk of Energy Direct customers were transferred to Trustpower during the month of September. ¬†These transfers have been excluded from the switching statistics. ¬†Although this transfer process was not yet completed at the end of September, the market share statistics in this report treat residual Energy Direct customers as Trustpower customers.
  • About 4,500 gas consumers switch retailer each month, about 19.4% of gas consumers have switched in the past 12 months. Switching rates have been over 18% for more than two years.
  • About 85% of customer switches are completed within three business days.
  • 61% of residential consumer sites have switched retailer at least once in the past seven years; 66% of small commercial and 77% of large commercial sites have switched at least once.
  • Over 99% of gas customers are connected to a gate where seven or more retailers trade, suggesting that the gas retail sector is generally competitive throughout the North Island.
  • Average annual unaccounted-for gas (UFG) over the past year stands at about 1.0% (compared with about 2% in 2009).
  • Genesis is the largest retailer by customer share. Nova has the largest share of commercial and industrial customers.
  • Genesis, Vector Gas and Nova Energy are the largest retailers by volume market share.

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