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Levy FY2018 (1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018)

In December 2016, Gas Industry Co issued a paper Consultation on Gas Industry Co FY2018 Statement of Intent and Levy (Consultation Paper) in respect of its proposed strategy, work programme and levy for FY2018. 

The Consultation Paper set out the key elements of Gas Industry Co's Statement of Intent and the associated Levy Funding Requirement (LFR) to form part of the levy regulations for the year ending 30 June 2018 (FY2018). Its contents reflect initial feedback received at the Co-regulatory Forum held on 22 November.

The proposed FY2018 Work Programme set out in the document includes continuing and developing existing multi-year workstreams; meeting statutory requirements such as the administration of existing gas governance regulations; and seeks to address Government and industry priorities through the completion of other key project deliverables. The Work Programme reflects significant progress already made in addressing the objectives and outcomes set for Gas Industry Co and the industry in the Gas Act and the Government Policy Statement (GPS).

The Five formal submissions received were broadly supportive of Gas Industry Co’s proposed work for FY2018. Based on industry submissions, an Analysis of Submissions has been prepared. The Analysis of Submissions noted positive industry support for the FY2018 proposals. Generally, submitters were comfortable with the proposed Work Programme and most highlighted expected significant work on the single transmission code development work. 

The Analysis of Submissions, Consultation Paper and Submissions Received can be found below in Related Documents. 

[A revised paper was issued 16 January 2017 - Section 5, page 23 - and is found below in Related Documents]


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