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Gas Metering Review

Gas Industry Co has published an analysis of the submissions received following consultation on the two papers it commissioned earlier this year: Gas Metering Review:  Review of metering service provider arrangements, and Gas Metering Review:  Review of advanced metering technology. The Analysis of Submissions is available below. 

A consistent theme of the submissions was that advanced metering is still in the early stages of development. There is uncertainty about what ultimately might be the right technical solution for the New Zealand market. Submitters considered that the market should be allowed to develop without regulatory intervention, which could frustrate innovation. 

At the same time, the majority of submitters (seven out of eight) considered that determining some minimum standards would be a pragmatic step to ensure a common understanding of what market participants want from advanced metering. 

Gas Industry Co has therefore decided to establish a technical advisory group to provide advice on the issue of advanced metering. The purpose of the Technical Advanced Metering Advisory Committee (TArMAC) is twofold: to develop a set of minimum standards that will allow for the consistent collection and treatment of advanced metering data; and to identify any registry changes or rules amendments needed to accommodate the uptake of advanced metering.


Gas Industry Co calls for nominations from stakeholders for TArMAC.  Nominees should have technical knowledge of and experience with gas metering. Please forward nominations to or upload your nomination here by 5.00pm, Thursday 12 October 2017. Please note nominations received via our website will not be published.

The terms of reference and selection criteria for TArMAC members, and an initial discussion draft of minimum metering standards can be found at  Gas Metering Review – Next Steps






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