VTC Change Request Appeal 14 December 2011 (Invoicing)


Gas Industry Co has a role under clause 25 of the Vector Transmission Code (VTC) considering appeals in relation to change requests. Under clause 25.7, Gas Industry Co considers appeals and makes binding recommendations as to whether the change should be made.
In consultation with its shippers, Vector Gas Limited (Vector) developed a process for considering change requests and appeals under the VTC. Gas Industry Co and Vector have incorporated that process into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) setting out, in detail, the process that Gas Industry Co will follow when considering appeals. You can view the MoU here: Gas Industry Co MoU with Vector
On 14 December 2011, Gas Industry Co received an appeal from Vector. The appeal relates to a change request initiated by Vector regarding amendments to various provisions in the VTC including invoicing corrections, prudential requirements, and allocation of balancing costs. Under clause 25.5(c) of the VTC the consent of Vector and 75% of all Shippers that respond to a change request is required before the change can be made. Since this threshold was not met, Vector has appealed to Gas Industry Co to have the change allowed.
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After reviewing Vector's appeal, Gas Industry Co requested that Vector provide some additional information to support the appeal. Vector provided that information on 27 January 2012 and it is available below along with the e-mail Gas Industry Co sent to Vector requesting the information.

GIC Request for additional information

Vector's response




Submissions called for 14 December 2011 VTC CR

2 March 2012

Submissions close for 14 December 2011 VTC CR

22 March 2012

GIC Draft Recommendation released and submissions called

12 April 2012

Submissions on GIC Draft Recommendation close

4 May 2012

GIC Final Recommendation

18 May 2012

Status: In Progress

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14 December 2011 VTC Change Request Appeal

Date Published: 02 March 2012

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Submissions received

Draft Recommendation

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Draft Recommendation

Date Published: 28 May 2012

Vector Limited (Vector) proposed a change to the Vector Transmission Code (VTC) on 16 November 2011 that did not receive the 75 percent support from Shippers necessary for it to be adopted. Vector appealed to Gas Industry Co, in our Vector Transmission Code (VTC) appeals body role, to have the change request allowed (pursuant to section 25.6 of the VTC). Gas Industry Co received four submissions on the change request appeal. These can be found under the Overview tab. Having considered the change request and submissions received, Gas Industry Co has prepared the following draft recommendation. The draft recommendation does not support the change request. Submissions were invited on this draft recommendation. Submission were due by 5pm, Monday 28 May 2012.

Submissions received

14 December 2011 VTC Change Request Appeal Final Recommendation

Gas Industry Co has considered submissions on the draft recommendation.

None of the submissions challenged the draft recommendation's analysis or conclusions, or introduced any new material for consideration. Accordingly, Gas Industry Co issued the following final recommendation confirming the conclusion of the draft recommendation that Gas Industry Co did not support the change request.

Final Recommendation