Proposed Gas Transmission Investment Project

Following the 14 April workshop Gas Industry Co developed a proposal for a Gas Transmission Investment Project.

Proposed Gas Transmission Investment Project

Feedback on the proposal

Carter Holt Harvey

Commerce Commission

Contact Energy

Greymouth Gas New Zealand

Maui Development Limited

Major Gas Users Group

Mighty River Power Limited

New Zealand Refining Company Ltd

OI Glass

Shell Exploration New Zealand


Investment and Access Workshop

Individual industry participants say that the need for new investment is a significant issue for the industry, possibly even the most pressing and important issue. Yet there is no forum in which key stakeholders are frankly discussing the issue.

On April 14, Gas Industry Co held a workshop to consider whether, how and when investment in additional North Pipeline capacity should occur, and what associated commercial access arrangements should be.

Background Material for the workshop:

Investment and Access Workshop Note


Agenda for 14 April Investment and Access Workshop

Workhop presentations:

Gas Industry Co presentation

Creative Energy presentation

Transpower presentation

Capacity Workshop- August 2010

Gas Industry Co held a workshop on capacity on Wednesday 18 August 2010. The presentation slides from the workshop are available below.

Gas Industry Co capacity presentation

Analysis of Submissions on Options for Vector Transmission Capacity Paper

Short term Options for Vector Capacity Arrangements

Vector's Transmission Capacity Regime Options

Notes on Vectors Transmission Capacity Regime Options

Capacity Workshop- June 2010

Gas Industry Co held a workshop on the Capacity Options paper on Wednesday 9 June 2010. To view the workshop presentation slides, please click here.


Options for Vector Transmission Capacity

Date Published: 27 May 2010

Date Published: Thu, 27/05/2010- 15:53 Author Ian Wilson

In December 2009, the Associate Minister of Energy and Resources requested that Gas Industry Co complete a paper exploring transmission capacity issues and options. The Options for Vector Transmission Capacity paper considers Vector's options for changing its commercial arrangements for transporting gas on its transmission pipelines.

Submissions received