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Transmission Balancing Second Options Paper

Date Published: 17 July 2009

 Author: Ian Wilson

In light of submissions received on previous papers on balancing and discussions with industry participants, Gas Industry Co has identified the need to present an additional set of options for improving balancing arrangements.
Gas Industry Co held a workshop in July 2009 on the Transmission Pipeline Balancing Second Options Paper, which was open to anyone interested in attending. The workshop provided an overview of the options presented in the paper and allowed time for any questions participants had.

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Submissions received

Transmission Pipeline Balancing Options Paper

Date Published: 19 December 2008

Author: Ian Wilson with assistance from Energy Acumen and Castalia

The Transmission Pipeline Balancing Options Paper progresses the discussion on improving balancing arrangements by better defining the problems associated with gas balancing and explaining why Gas Industry Co proposes intervening. It also sets out the key principles for balancing arrangements and considers what a solution might comprise.

Submissions received

Transmission Pipeline Balancing Issues Paper

Date Published: 01 August 2008

Author: Ian Wilson

The paper describes issues arising from existing balancing arrangements, and discusses why regulatory intervention may be necessary. The paper also prepares the ground for future work on developing and analysing alternative balancing options. It discusses the design elements from which such options would be built, and suggests criteria that could be used for evaluating those options.

Submissions received

Transmission Pipeline Balancing Research Paper

Date Published: 01 April 2008

Author: Ian Wilson

The purpose of this research paper, published in April 2008, was to gather information relevant to pipeline balancing as a resource for the industry to use in further consideration of the issues, and taking action to resolve them.