Retail Gas Governance Forum


Status: In Progress

The purpose of the Retail Gas Governance Forum (RGGF) is to provide a forum for the identification of issues, the exchange of views and for consensus agreement on joint courses of action in relation to the development and operation of gas governance arrangements and other retail related matters which form part of the role of Gas Industry Co; and which impact on the operation of retail markets and the relationship between retailers and each of consumers, distributors, transmission system owners, and Gas Industry Co.

In carrying out this purpose the RGGF may agree to establish time limited or ongoing working groups for the more detailed discussion or development of specific topics. Such working groups will have defined terms of reference, usually developed by Gas Industry Co in consultation with the RGGF.



Publications, guidelines and papers produced in association with the retail gas governance forum are provided below. Consultation or discussion papers on which submissions are, or have been, invited can be found in the Consultation tab.


As part of the 2010 policy review of the Gas (Downstream Reconciliation) Rules 2008, Gas Industry Co engaged Strata Energy Consulting Limited (Strata) to investigate consumption information estimation methodologies. The project included a review of gas retailers' current forecasting methods, analysis of the accuracy of current estimation methodologies, identification and evaluation of possible improvements that could be made to retailer estimation and/or the initial allocation, and a comparison with estimation accuracy in the electricity sector.


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