Ongoing Assessment

Results: 2012 Assessment of Retail Gas Contracts

The third assessment of retail gas supply arrangements with small consumers under the Retail Contracts Assessment Scheme was conducted on contracts as at July 2012.  The results for the first time included the assessment outcome for individual retailers, as well as at a consolidated level.

The Independent Assessor reported retailers’ overall alignment with the Benchmarks in 2012 as ‘Substantial’, which was significantly improved from the consolidated ratings of ‘Moderate’ in each of the initial baseline assessment in 2010, and the subsequent transitional assessment in 2011.

Benchmark Assessment Report (2012)

News Release: Benchmarks bring major improvements in retail gas contract arrangements

Minister of Energy and Resources Media Release

2012 Assessment of Retail Gas Contracts Update

The following sets out the process and timing of the assessment.


  • On 16 March 2012 Gas Industry Co published minor amendments to the benchmark 9 and the interpretation of benchmark 16.  View here
  • A number of retailers had indicated they were planning to amend their contractual terms before the 2012 assessment.  The amendments were published by 1 July 2012 and included in the 2012 review. 
  • The publication of the 2012 assessment reports and compliance results named each individual retailer and discussed each retailer’s level of compliance against the benchmarks.
  • In 2012 the process included the option of meeting with Elwood Law to discuss the draft assessment (in addition to the option of providing written feedback).
  • A finalised report was received in September 2012 and a copy was forwarded to the Minister of Energy and Resources in November 2012.


Minor Benchmark Amendments (March 2012)

Gas Industry Co made amendments to Benchmarks 9 and 16. The link to the amendments can be viewed here.


Retail Gas Contracts Assessment 2012

Gas Industry Co proposed an amendment to the interpretation of Benchmark 16.

The link to the proposal can be viewed here


Mercury Energy


Retail Gas Contracts Assessment 2011

On 12 May 2010, the Associate Minister of Energy and Resources endorsed Gas Industry Co’s recommendation that a retail contracts oversight scheme be established. As part of that scheme, a “baseline” assessment of gas supply arrangements as at 15 June 2010 was completed and published in August 2010.


A “transitional” assessment of arrangements at 1 July 2011 has been undertaken by an Independent Assessor, Elwood Law, to establish the degree of progress made by each retailer in aligning with the benchmarks since the baseline assessment. A consolidated report for the whole industry has been submitted to the Acting Minister and can be viewed here.


Letter to retailers on Transitional Assessment


Document list for 2011 Transitional Assessment report


The link to the Retail Gas Contracts benchmarks Restatement 2011 can be viewed here.