Information Exchange File Formats


Current file formats can be found under the File Formats tab.

Gas Industry Co appointed the Information Exchange File Formats Working Group (IEFFWG) to create file formats required under governance arrangements, propose changes to existing file formats and develop further protocols for exchanges of information between industry participants. Proposals for substantial changes to file formats, or newly developed file formats, will generally be subject to broader industry consultation. Where the file formats are not mandated under any regulatory arrangements Gas Industry Co will publish the information on its website as a guideline, in order to support improvement of industry practices. Gas Industry Co welcomes feedback on existing file formats and any suggestions for further file formats which would be of value to the gas industry.


Previously Consulted On

Consultation on proposed information exchange file formats

Date Published: 10 November 2010

Gas Industry Co invited submissions on four file formats, which have been proposed by the Information Exchange File Formats Working Group. Use of the file formats is not mandated by any set of governance arrangements, but equivalent protocols are currently used in the electricity industry for exchanges of information between retailers and network owners. The file format protocols are published as a guideline on the Gas Industry Co website.

Submissions received

Reconciliation File Formats

File formats mandated under rule 25 of the Gas (Downstream Reconciliation) Rules 2008, for information exchanges between allocation participants, the allocation agent and Gas Industry Co, can be viewed here.

Industry Protocols

File formats that have been approved by the Information Exchange File Formats Working Group are set out below. The file formats echo the equivalent protocols in the electricity industry and incorporate changes resulting from industry consultation in 2010/2011.