2014 Upcoming Events

Invitation to hear visiting UK expert Graham Shuttleworth speak on Foundations for Regulating Gas Pipelines

View details for the 22 August 2014 presentation here                                                                                                               


The New Zealand Gas Story Presentation

View details for the Wellington and Auckland presentations here                                                   


An Industry Working Group considering improvements to gas transmission arrangements are holding workshops in Wellington and Auckland

View details for the Congestion Management workshops here.           


Workshops will be held by Industry Working Group considering improvements to gas transmission arrangements  in Auckland on 12 August, and Wellington on 13 August.


If you have an interest in how the Industry Working Group is thinking about congestion management arrangements on Vector’s pipelines, and wish to attend one of the workshops, please email anna.casey[at][dot]nz.


Transmission Access Options for Improvement Workshop

View details from the 31 July 2014 Workshop here.                                                             


Presentation and release of a new report by John Kidd of Woodward Partners

View the report, presentation slides, and media release here.                                                                                                                                       


Critical Contingency Management External Communications Workshop held 12 March 2014

The Presentation from this workshop is available here.                                                    


Gas Industry Co held a CCM Communications Workshop on 12 March. 

Core Group has assumed the role of the Critical Contingency Operator


Core Group appointed as Critical Contingency Operator


Announcement of CCO Appointment

Annual Report 2013


Click here to download the Report