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Why choose gas?

Are you considering natural gas as an energy option for your home?  If so, read on...

People choose natural gas for their water heating, space heating and cooking needs for many reasons - its lifestyle qualities, its competitiveness, and its ability to deliver energy quickly, efficiently and continuously. Like many choices in life, selecting which sort of energy to use can reflect emotional as well as practical considerations.

For consumers who are at an energy choice decision point – either as an existing, or potentially new gas user – and are keen to examine their options at both a detailed cost-benefit level, as well as the more intangible non-price ‘quality’ attributes, Gas Industry Co commissioned a report (in 2012 with an update in 2016) by an independent expert, Concept Consulting Group, to assess the merits of different forms of energy. 

The 2016 report, Consumer Energy Options in New Zealand 2016 Update provides an evaluation of the relative merits of various end-use energy options, including up-front purchase costs, ongoing running costs, sustainability, and quality benefits.

Choosing an energy form can sometimes be complex, and depends on features of each household - for example the size of the home and family, the number and type of appliances, and how energy is used.

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The 2016 Consumer Energy Options report, and a key points summary are available here, and it is prepared to  help you make the right energy choice for your home. The Consumer Energy Options report is highly detailed and Gas Industry Co encourages you to talk to your retailer, distributor or plumber/gasfitter for further advice. 

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