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powerswitch logo2 0You can find and compare retailers’ gas prices through Consumer Powerswitch, a service provided by Consumer NZ with support from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, to encourage retail competition.  Powerswitch uses a comprehensive database of electricity and gas prices to work out which energy company and pricing plan is best for you.  As a source of pricing information for both electricity and gas, consumers can assess the best deal for their total energy needs.  It also includes tips on saving energy. A calculator, provided by Consumer Powerswitch, helps consumers assess their potential savings. Users can then click through to the Consumer Powerswitch website and see the different offers available.

whats my number logo 0In addition, a What’s My Number service provided by the Electricity Authority encourages consumers to shop around for the energy by providing price savings information for both electricity and gas. It was developed to inform consumers about the ability to switch electricity and gas companies, the ease of switching and the potential savings they can make on their energy bills by switching.


Compare gas contracts

Gas Industry Co administers a Retail Gas Contracts Oversight Scheme that helps consumers evaluate retailers’ publicly posted supply terms and conditions.  Since its introduction in 2010, the Scheme has prompted a significant improvement in the clarity of those arrangements.

The latest (2012) independent assessment of how the retailers’ contraCocts align with the 18 Benchmarks has rated them overall to be ‘Substantial’ on a qualitative scale of ‘Full”, “Substantial”, “Moderate”, “Low”, or “None.”   This is a big improvement on the ‘Moderate’ consolidated rating achieved previously.

The assessment details the contract alignment rating and you can compare the results for individual retailers which are summarised as follows.


Average Alignment

Bay of Plenty Energy* Substantial
Contact Energy Substantial
Energy Direct NZ - Business Moderate
Energy Direct NZ - Residential Moderate
Energy Online Substantial
Genesis Energy  Substantial
Mercury Energy - Business Moderate
Mercury Energy - Residential Substantial
Nova Energy - Business Low
Nova Energy - Residential Substantial

 *Bay of Plenty Energy has since been absorbed into Nova Energy.

This table shows the level of alignment on a scale of full (being the best), substantial, moderate, low and none (being the worst) for each gas supply arrangement against each benchmark in 2012.  When considering the levels of alignment, please note some of the alignment issues are due merely to technical drafting issues.

Click here if you’d like to see the full assessment report.





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