Gas Transmission Access Code Workshop

Stakeholders are invited to attend a workshop to discuss progress of the GTAC work co-led by First Gas Limited and Gas Industry Co. At the February 2017 GTAC workshop, First Gas noted that by the end of May it aimed to develop proposals in relation to capacity products, transmission pricing, and balancing. The items listed below will be discussed at the workshop. 


  • Process
    • Steps to date
    • Proposed steps from here 
  • Discussion of First Gas work on:
    • Access products
    • Pricing
    • Balancing 
  • Update on GTAC IT system 
  • Code transition process

First Gas will discuss its thinking on the code thus far and identify remaining questions/options. This will be the beginning of a ‘consultation phase’ in which stakeholders will have an opportunity to engage directly with First Gas on these matters. First Gas will then progressively finalise elements of its design.

Stakeholders are advised to RSVP for the workshop by the due date below. Please note the change of venue. Gas Industry Co has been able to arrange a teleconferencing facility for the workshop but please note that, as it is untested, we cannot guarantee the quality. Accordingly, we encourage stakeholders to attend in person wherever possible. 



Venue       Wellington Room, Intercontinental Hotel, 2 Grey Street, Wellington

Date         Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Time        10.00am to 3.00pm (lunch will be available)

TeleConf # 04 471 4620

RSVP        Estelle Tolmay (by 5.00pm, Monday, 15 May 2017)

Information relating to the GTAC work to date can be found here

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