Gas Metering Review - Consultation now closed

Gas Industry Co  commissioned two papers on gas metering issues and invited stakeholder feedback on those. 

The papers, Gas Metering Review:  Review of metering service provider arrangements, and Gas Metering Review: Review of advanced metering technology were authored by Rod Crone Consulting. They describe current metering arrangements and spell out the possibilities offered by advanced metering with a view to assessing whether there are barriers to competition in the metering market or deployment of advanced meters. 

An overview of each of the papers as well as questions that Gas Industry Co would like to pose to stakeholders in light of the papers’ findings is available in a Covering Document.  The final chapter of the Covering Document looks at metering-related complaints received by Utilities Disputes.

The two metering papers as well as the Covering Document can be viewed here

Submissions closed 5.00pm, Wednesday, 14 June 2017



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